Stay Connected

Simplified Interfaces

  • All of your property interfaces operate on your existing connection, including phone systems, electronic key locks, energy management and entertainment systems.

    • Robust, real-time CloudConnect links your existing property interfaces to CloudPM
    • All property interfaces operate on your existing internet connection with no need for expensive, complex networks

Always connected

Never go down. Our CloudSync™ technology ensures that your property management system is always on – even if your internet connection is not. We maintain an additional copy of your hotel’s data on the MSI CloudSync device located at the property, providing certainty that your information is safe and available for disaster recovery at any time.

  • Never lose your data – automatic backup of all data, and optional on-site backup
  • No interruptions – data resyncs effortlessly and automatically

Secure Payments

Save money, reduce risk and eliminate headaches with cloud-enabled, PCI compliant payment processing. MSI’s CloudPay™ removes a key PCI vulnerability concern in the transmission of payment card data through our Central Reservations System interfaces. With our secure system, a token takes the place of actual payment card data, protecting consumer information at the point of the card swipe.

  • Secure payment card capture and storage
  • Integrated authorization and settlement
  • Support for multiple processors
  • Settlement reporting and auditing
  • Point-to-point encryption locks card data immediately
  • Intrusion-protection storage takes card numbers off network

We’ve worked with MSI for 20-plus years. This history merited our decision to offer our Best Western member properties an option to install complete cloud technology with MSI CloudPM™. MSI’s quality products and services are reinforced with an experienced team that successfully bridges decades of hospitality innovation and MSI’s knowledge of Best Western’s business processes.

Scott Gibson
Chief Information Officer
Best Western International