NiteVision is an approved property management system for La Quinta Hotels, offering chain operators key features and benefits to optimize their properties’ revenue-generating capabilities.



Flexible PMS solution utilizes Microsoft SQL Server data engine.


Synchronize with industry-standard interface providers of call accounting, PBX, voicemail, CRS, POS, movies, electronic locks, signature capture, and more.


Properties have the ability to customize NiteVision to their specific operations, optimizing the system’s overall benefits.

La Quinta’s business objective was to deploy Ready For You™ in the first quarter of the year, leveraging MSI CloudConnect™ for real-time data from the PMS to La Quinta’s ecommerce notification platform. One of our core values at La Quinta is to deliver a unique enhanced experience for our customers with a service that would add real value and convenience to their busy travel schedules.

Hoang Nguyen
Vice President–Applications
La Quinta