Management Companies

A Simple, Cloud-Based Hotel PMS Solution for Your Management Company

No matter how many hotels you manage, CloudPM™ is designed to meet all of your needs. Increase revenues and reduce the total cost of ownership of your hotel property management system with our full-featured, cloud-based solution.


Easy to Install

With web-based, instructor-led training, CloudPM is easy and painless to install, allowing you to quickly take live new properties.

Grow Your Business

Our enterprise functionality allows you to monitor and report on all of your properties, and share guest profiles across your chain or group. You can even track chain-wide guest-reservation history and actualized spending and preferences, and market to your guests by creating chain-wide promotions and campaigns.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

CloudPM brings hotels online quickly and efficiently with immediate operational benefits. Our online training means you can be up and running almost immediately, and our cloud solution eliminates the need to maintain on-property IT staff and expensive on-property hardware.

Instant updates

Because your system is in the cloud, your system will receive automatic patches and updates via a night-time server refresh. All upgrades are included in your monthly subscription – nothing extra to buy, nothing to download, and nothing to install.

MSI exceeded expectations, and we had many. They were the first company who cared what we had to say. MSI offered a 30-day assessment of MSI CloudPM™ with our initial property installation in Lincoln, Nebraska. We were excited to witness a large improvement in our day-to-day operations in a short time. Halfway through the term, we were readying our next property for the MSI CloudPM™ solution. Now having MSI in our six hotels, we benefit from using MSI CloudPM™ and working with the MSI cloud services team every day. Personally, I can manage properties on the road in the middle of snowed-over corn fields in Nebraska! This is an awesome venture. We love it.

Jason Hoehne
New Victorian Inn & Suites