MSI – Then and Now

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The morning sun is shining,

MSI’s front doors are chiming.

The coffee pots are set to brew,

While employees catch up on what’s new.

Customer service is taking your important call,

Accounting’s keeping everyone on the ball.

New technologies are engineered,

Current products are ne’er afeard.

Sales is busy selling.

Marketing doesn’t mind telling.

Training leaves no one unlearned,

Officers leave no stone unturned.

And so it goes in the MSI leasehold.

For over 23 years, or so it is told.

What makes them unique in the hotel biz?

Believe it or not, it’s innovation whiz!

Some in the industry proclaim,

“It’s because of the MSI CloudPM™ name.”

Yet a few raise their hands to speak,

Saying, “Nay!” and commence critique.

‘Twas once an inspired spirit on a quest,

To upgrade services for hotelier and guest.

It took great courage and endurance in trial.

Others assisted with perseverance and self-denial.

Values were implemented and mastered first:

Care for your people; curb wealth’s thirst.

Listen to your GM’s and IT guru’s—

Ask questions and do a lil’ schmooze.

Get in front of the users, be at their place.

Ask for the sale, then shut up your face!

“So, that’s how it went,” they say at lunch.

“We hired hotel peeps who knew more than keypunch.”

Of course there was no crystal ball or Hindi spice,

Just ol’ fashioned work, ingenuity, and sacrifice.

And slow and steady MSI grew up tall,

With heart and soul and extra-strength Tylenol.

Climbing through DOS, Windows, and to today’s cloud,

Nothing doubting, unwavering, and… well, darn proud.

So, you see MSI’s success didn’t come overnight.

Fact is, few others could’ve withstood the plight.

Of those who dared to make dreams come true,

Taking roads less traveled and staying strong—not voodoo!

Guiding principles alight the technology path they trod,

To promise and deliver everything but the cheering squad.

The sun is setting, computers log off; an avowal;

Lights dim, doors lock, and hungry stomachs growl.

But if you think quitting time means a job well done?

MSI’s 24/7 clock means, “It’s time to have more fun!”

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